Patient Testimonials

Hello Elia, great talking with you.

So back in December of 2010 it was brought to my attention by Dr. Elbaz that I needed a full hip replacement. He took the time to explain everything to me and strongly suggested we go with the full hip replacement using the anterior approach perfected by Dr Elbaz. He assured me that if I do everything he says I will resume my former life doing every athletic activity I was doing before the procedure. He is one of the premier surgeons in his field.

He was extremely helpful in educating me with the procedure, what to do before the procedure to get ready (like lose weight) and what to do after the procedure regarding physical therapy.

4 months to the day I was back on the tennis court playing tennis on a regular basis. Back dancing, walking, running, bike riding and even snow skiing.

Dr. Elbaz was awsome before, during and after my operation. He came to my room 2 different times on my 48 hour stay to check on me and make sure I was comfortable, being well attended too and said when to start my PT. Everyone involved was most professional, very nice, caring and took the time to cater to me. They made me feel like I was their only patient.

I would highly recommend Dr. Elbaz for any procedure as he is THE BEST!!!

A Happy Customer. RB

After struggling with pain and limited mobility for several years, an MRI revealed that I had severe damage and abnormalities in my hip joint. I heard about a doctor in our area from a friend whose husband had seen him and was very pleased with his progress.  I made an appointment with Dr. Elbaz at Advanced Orthopedics.  He ordered another MRI and determined that I did, indeed, have major damage that was causing my pain.  He recommended a total hip replacement and suggested that I attend his class that was being held the next week.  I attended the class and was given detailed information to help me make my decision about the surgery.

I scheduled the surgery for late February, 2012.  I, then, attended the pre-op class where I was given instructions about the procedure, what to do before surgery and what to expect after the operation.  The surgery was very successful and I was immediately free of pain.  About 2 hours after I arrived in my hospital room, the therapist came to get me for my first therapy session.  I was amazed that I could walk and follow the instructions she gave me.  My  care at North Cypress was most satisfactory.  I was given ice and medications on a regular basis and therapy twice a day.  On the third day I was told that I could go home and would need no further therapy.  Dr. Elbaz came to dismiss me and I told him that I had to give him a hug and thank him for giving me the opportunity to walk without a limp and to be free of pain.  This surgery has given me a new lease on life and I am so grateful to the doctor and his staff for this blessings.

Helen Herring